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Improved LED experience by reducing flicker and the stroboscopic effect

2019 . 09 . 26

Improved LED experience by reducing flicker and the stroboscopic effect

Annoyance, eyestrain, fatigue and headaches are health ailments that can occur as a consequence of exposure to the flickering and stroboscopic effect of lower quality LED lighting. In cooperation with the Eindhoven University of Technology, Gosia Perz, researcher at Signify (previously known as Philips Lightning) studied how the visibility of these effects changes when modulating different parameters.

In contrast to conventional lighting technologies, the luminous output of LEDs respond fast to changes in the driving current. This property makes LED lighting unique, but can at the same time lead to undesired effects when the driver is not designed optimally consequently not regulating the current properly. To raise awareness on the issue and suggest methods for measurement, Gosia Perz will present a seminar from a scientific point of view during the LED + Elektro trade fair.

While the issue of flickering is easy to recognize, the stroboscopic effect is more difficult to perceive. Since the latter only causes biological reactions with adverse health impacts when observable, it is critical for manufacturers of LED products to know when people can detect the effect. Therefore, Perz developed a measurement model to quantify stroboscopic visibility, which is now being recommended by the International Commission on Illumination.

Additionally, the European Union recently voted for eco-design regulations with more strict requirements on flicker to safeguard health and well-being of end-users. Perz therefore believes that any LED producer can benefit from the solutions she will suggest in her seminar. To complement her presentation, she will also demonstrate how varying parameters such as frequency and amplitude visually changes the effects. Gosia Perz will present on the Thursday November 14th at 11:45 pm on the LED-seminarplaza in Hall 3.

Soon the full list of seminars can be found on this website.

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